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Parents create homeschool pods for kids

Posted at 7:49 AM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 07:49:22-04

The stress parents are under right now can be overwhelming. You know the saying, “it takes a village” and for a lot of families right now that couldn’t be more true.

Kati Palmurkar is a business owner, she runs the Happy Cat Cafe in Grand Rapids, but she is also the mother of a three year old. She was planning on starting him in preschool this year, but has always been interested in homeschooling.

She just never thought it would be possible working a full time job and owning a business, until she heard of “homeschool pods.” She and a group of other parents will be trying that out this year, which means each parent will take the group of kids for one day a week. It’s something that many families around the country have turned to since the pandemic.

“Homeschooling to me is just a way for each child to get that individualized attention that sometimes schools don't really get because of the large class sizes. So you can structure it in all different ways. Our structure is personally going to be a less structured kind of approach, where kids pretty much play and we follow their interests. But you can do an online curriculum if you really want to. Our structure will be basically what's called unschooling or D schooling, which just means that the kids play, they follow us about their day there is some structured activities, but in general, children learn just through play. They don't need to sit down especially at three years old and do actual schoolwork or homework or anything like that.”