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Forever Home: Ta'von

Forever Home: Ta'von
Posted at 9:24 AM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-21 09:28:16-04

WALKER, Mi. — This 13-year-old is full of life and love, and he just wants to be able to share it with a family. He says he wants a mom and dad, and siblings his age and younger, but he says he’s not too particular – he just wants a family who will hang out, go places and do fun things. Many thanks to the Altitude Trampoline Park for taking such good care of us - we had a lot of fun. Ta'von is such a special kid - if you would like to adopt him or learn more about the process, head to

There are hundreds of children in the foster care system in Michigan, and many of them are ready for adoption right now.

In Forever Home, we focus on some of the older children who are looking for a family who will embrace them.

Today we meet Ta'von - an easygoing, polite young man who just wants to have some fun. "I’m funny and I’m silly and I just I like having fun."

We had plenty of fun with Ta'von at the Altitude Trampoline Park in Walker. He showed us his jumping skills and told us more about the things he enjoys. "I like to play video games, board games like to ride bikes, I like to go out to eat and just hang out and do fun stuff.”

He loves sports, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, even kickball and gagaball. All that fun can certainly work up an appetite, and this guy has his favorites for sure. He loves McDonald's fries and burgers like Big Macs and Whoppers.

Ta'von also really enjoys school because he says he gets to hang out with his friends, play and participate in sports. Plus, he says it’s important to learn for the future. And when talking careers, he's specific about what he wants to do.

He says, "I like watching YouTube I want to be a famous YouTuber and I want to be a person that fixes electronics.”

Ta'von loves to read - particularly graphic novels.