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Clock unveiled to display climate change

Posted at 12:49 PM, Sep 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-24 12:49:26-04

You may have seen the news this past weekend of a massive climate clock unveiled in Manhattan... which currently sits at just over 7 years and 99 days.

But it isn't counting up. It's going down to zero and when it gets there the damage to our climate will have been done to irreversible levels.

The climate clock was produced by two individuals, Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd, all to get people thinking and acting about climate change around the world.

They had already built one clock in Berlin in 2019... and their newest creation was placed right in the heart of Manhattan for millions to pass by. the climate clock will be on display until September 27, but the artists hope to find a permanent home for their creation.

They want people to pass by the clock and really think about their carbon footprint and how they can be more sustainable in life, whether that is reducing driving, using electricity over fossil fuels or recycling more, it will all help the earth slow it's rate of warming.

While the clock says once we hit January 1st, 2028, there is no going back. GVSU professor Robert Hollister, who boasts a large background in climate research, says it might not be as simple as that date... and several changes are already being seen.

Professor Hollister also went onto say that we are clearly in a new climate regime, but if people took steps to reduce how much Co2 they put back into the atmosphere, it wouldn't be irreversible once the clock hit zero. He does agree though that we need to make more changes quickly, otherwise the fires out west of the hurricanes down south, even Michigan becoming warmer with less snow will become more common.