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Spectrum Health using TytoCare for virtual visit ease

Posted at 10:30 AM, Nov 30, 2021

Virtual visits with health care providers have gotten more and more sophisticated over the past several years. Spectrum Health is taking yet another step in that direction as it partners with a company called TytoCare to offer an easy-to-use virtual exam kit for patients. The devices in the kit will enable a medical professional to listen to a patient’s heart, look down the throat and more, all virtually, of course.
We spoke with Jared Cowan, Spectrum Health’s director of operations for virtual health.

Spectrum Health physicians can provide the same care they provide in an in-person office visit, just delivered in an even better way for you the patient. TytoCare can be used for primary and specialty care.

As we mentioned, this kit has some of the same tools your doctor would use in their office and you can easily connect to the Spectrum Health App on your phone or tablet.

TytoCare can provide a peace of mind and really prepares a patient for that virtual visit. You do not have to be a current Spectrum Health patient to use it.

Purchase a kit between now and end of the year, and get it for $149, a huge savings from its original $299 cost!

TytoCare is also offering a $50 Amazon gift card when you “pair” a new device with the Spectrum Health app

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