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Yard sign company expands to brighten people's day

Posted at 7:43 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 07:43:22-05

Throughout the pandemic we’ve been covering multiple businesses that have been struggling to stay a float.

However, others are thriving in these unforeseen circumstances.

Card My Yard Grand Rapids East is one local business that’s brightening people's days.

They put on quite the display surprising people for their birthdays, baby showers, proposals and more, and it’s become even more popular during the pandemic.

“We consider ourselves sign ninjas or sign fairies because the signs just appear in the yards and people, people love it,” says Katie Rieffenberger, Owner of Card My Yard Grand Rapids East.

With few places to go during the pandemic and several celebrations scaled down to just a single household, Card My Yard Grand Rapids East was the perfect surprise to brighten peoples special day right outside their front door.

“We have a say anything package so people can really put anything in their yard up to 25 letters and celebrate whatever they want,” says Rieffenberger.

Owner Katie Rieffenberger says her business has really picked up during the pandemic. In 2019 she did less than 200 signs, but in 2020 she did more than 900 signs.

If it’s a surprise don’t worry these sign fairies will make sure they’re sneaky and will come after dark.

You can book the signs for 24-48 hours or however long you’d like and then they will pick it back up.

In the last month Katie has opened two more locations in Grand Rapids West and South as well as a Holland location.