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Missionary from West Michigan among those freed in Haiti

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Posted at 3:28 PM, Dec 06, 2021

HART, Mich. — One of the missionaries kidnapped in Haiti may be returning home to West Michigan soon. Pastor Ron Marks confirmed the person was freed over the weekend.

"We got assurance late last night that [the person] was released. I didn’t get it 'til this morning," Pastor Marks said during a phone interview with Fox 17 on Monday. "At least one of our people here from West Michigan has been freed."

Marks, who's the senior pastor at Dunkard Brethren Church, added that he’s feeling a mix of emotions because many of the missionaries are still being held captive but a few have been freed.

“It was encouraging, this latest news,” he said. “We’re trusting that we’ve got more good news to come. Definitely relief for us. We’re anticipating God to move."

Pastor Marks said he has not spoken to the person directly. He's getting information second- and third-hand.

Back in October, 17 missionaries were kidnapped while in Haiti, several of them from West Michigan. The mission trip wasn’t sponsored by the church but by Christian Aid Ministries based in Ohio.

"I’m sure there are government agencies that are working. I know our legislators are involved in interceding," Pastor Marks said. "We have all these avenues we can use and I tell you I think probably they’re being used well. I don’t know what’s happening internally. We don’t get that information."

Pastor Marks said he met with his church to discuss how best to help the person emotionally when he or she returns. However, for now, they're going to continue to pray for those being held.

"We don’t know the mind of God totally but we know God’s will. We’re trusting him and we’re happy that this has happened.”

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