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Montcalm Co. salon owner given ticket for seeing clients

Posted at 4:40 PM, May 14, 2020

EDMORE — A salon owner in Montcalm County was given a ticket in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order.

Chastity Snyder, the owner of Running with Scissors Salon in Edmore said she actually wasn’t surprised, since she herself notified the sheriff’s office about her operation, but she still plans to fight it.

Snyder tells FOX 17 that she got her ticket back on May 6 and that she actually needs some sort of citation in order to get payments from her insurance company for loss of income.

Snyder said, “The ticket says I violated Executive Order 69, and then it shows that I broke the law.”

Snyder has owned the salon for the past 12 years, but closed back on March 23. She said that she continued to do curbside pickup for haircare products and seeing what she’s calling “shut-in” clients, until last week when she says four clients came into the salon to use the tanning beds.

“I had to open for that one day. I made it public, so that he [ a deputy] would come up here and give me that ticket for what I need, which is an insurance loss of income payout.”

According to the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office, they got several complaints about the business and gave Snyder multiple warnings.

Snyder said people in town were making things up.

“You’ve got the people out here in the community thinking that when I come up to my building, it is unlawful that I come here, that I enter the premises that I own.”

Montcalm County Sheriff, Mike Williams, didn’t want to go on camera, but tells FOX 17 that Snyder had previously asked their deputy for a Cease and Desist Order to give her insurance company.

Snyder said, “Four times, I asked the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department to give me a ticket. I’ve asked, I’ve asked multiple times.”

However, Sheriff Williams said via phone that their office doesn’t issue Cease and Desist notices and said they told Snyder to contact the Attorney General’s office.

After the fourth warning, the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Officer got the go-ahead from County Prosecutor to issue a ticket. The prosecuting attorney, Andrea Krause released the following statement to FOX 17.

"It is my understanding that she was warned several times. She was educated about what the Executive Order said. She continued to violate the EO. Willful violation of the EO cannot be tolerated or everyone will do the same. The EO was very clear that this type of business cannot be open until at least May 28. My office and law enforcement will continue to warn, investigate, and cite willful violators of the Orders, and ultimately prosecute violations."

Snyder said she has no plans to book appointment or fully re-open until May 29.

“With Running with Scissors being closed, I’m allowed to do shut-in appointments, whether that be in my building, my home, or where else,” she said.

Even though Snyder wanted the ticket for insurance reasons, she said that she still plans to fight it.

“What I am here to do is show everyone their rights. Running with Scissors Salon can be closed, however I own this property, and I will do as I please here,” she said.

Sheriff Willams added that his office feels for all small business owners right now and that’s why they were being fair with not giving Snyder a ticket from the get-go.

That ticket comes with up to 90 days in jail or up to a $1,000 fine.

She said she will be in court on May 21 and plans to plead not guilty.