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Michigan hunters trying to track down ammo, guns as firearm deer season approaches

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Posted at 2:38 PM, Nov 12, 2021

(WXYZ) — Monday marks the beginning of the firearm deer hunting season in Michigan and many hunters are eager to take on the outdoors.

But as hunters prepare to partake in the first official day of the firearm season, some local gun shops are struggling to keep up.

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One gun shop owner says ammo has become so scarce that prices, in some cases, have tripled.

“30-30 ammo is one of the most popular rounds for hunting in Michigan ever," owner of Safes & Guns Unlimited Steve Schwartz said. "There hasn’t been any available for over 6 months. It’s popping up on the internet for $3 to $5 a round. Normally it would be $1 a round.”

Inside his shop, customers are scrambling for last-minute purchases before heading up north to hunt.

"We’re going up to Gladwin," one customer said. “We’re going to try and see if we can get some buck.”

  Deer APR Charts and Map by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

Along with customers buying up hunting rifles, Schwartz says he's selling a lot of ammunition to both seasoned hunters and firearm newcomers. And this year, he's seen a noticeable supply shortage.

“I actually have to go down to Florida or Texas, and have a gun broker down there ship up ammunition for me," customer Max McColl said.

Customer and outdoor enthusiast Ted Wright believes the heightened interest in hunting is partially due to the pandemic.

“People are getting bored and tired of being indoors,” he said.

Infographic from Michigan DNR

“Everyone is just eager and wants to do something to get out of their house,” McColl agrees.

As people prepare to head up north, the State of Michigan and DNR are reminding hunters to adhere to the hunting zones, licensing rules, and regulations.

Michigan Gas Utilities is also reminding hunters to check carbon monoxide and fire detectors, vents, chimneys, and to remove any debris from around the cabin.

“Inspecting your cabin’s heating system is as important as wearing blaze orange," McColl said.