Here are the people from Michigan arrested in the U.S. Capitol riots

Capitol riots
Posted at 11:20 AM, Jul 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-06 11:20:03-04

Hundreds of people have been arrested in connection to the deadly riots that took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Of those hundreds, 15 are from Michigan. The first man was arrested just two weeks after the riots, and the latest was arrested just days ago.

Since the riots, five people have died, Senate Republicans blocked a commission that would study the riots, and the U.S. House voted to approve a committee to investigate the riots.

Then-President Donald Trump was also impeached for his role in the riot, the first president to be impeached twice. He was later acquitted in the Senate by a vote of 57-43 that saw seven Republican senators vote to convict.

Below are the details for each of the men charged in the riot from Michigan.

Jan. 20, 2021: Karl Dresch of Calumet

Feds arrested Dresch and charged him with violent entry and other crimes. According to a federal complaint, the feds first received a tip regarding Dresch’s involvement on Jan. 7, when Dresch allegedly posted about his entry into the Capitol on Facebook.

When the FBI searched his page, they found Dresch said he was preparing to head for DC on Jan. 3 and wrote, "NO EXCUSES! NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER! TAKE THE STREETS! TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! 1/6/2021=7/4/1776.”

Dresch also posted photos and video from his time during the riot, which detailed his movement in the Capitol.

Jan. 21, 2021: Michael Foy of Wixom

Foy is a former Marine and allegedly hit a police officer at least 10 times with a hockey stick during the Capitol riot, according to the feds.

According to a court filing, Foy took a “leadership role in the chaos,” and even after hitting the officer 10 times, he stayed near the Capitol doors.

“Images and video taken at the Capitol show Foy attacking officers guarding the doors. The scene is chaotic, graphic, and brutal,” the feds said in a filing.

Foy was charged with five crimes, including assault and obstruction of law enforcement.

Feb. 11, 2021: James Mels of Shelby Township

Mels, 56, was charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building and violent entry or disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

A tip came in that Mels had entered the Capitol. Agents found that Mels also took photos showing places inside and outside the Capitol.

According to the FBI Statement of Facts, Mels told FBI that he said a brief prayer and then entered the Capitol to speak with an officer and so he could present a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

He also said he was exposed to gas but was not shot with rubber bullets, and admitted to being inside the Capitol.

March 18, 2021: Bobby Schornak of Roseville and Daniel Herendeen of Chesterfield

Both men were charged with Obstruction of Justice/Congress, Aiding and Abetting, Knowingly Entering or Remaining in any Restricted Building or Grounds Without Lawful Authority, and Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds.

A federal affidavit filed with the criminal complaint by an FBI agent alleges that the men communicated via Facebook messages on December 30, 2020 about attending the "Stop the Steal" rally on January 6.

The affidavit then lays out how the investigation tracked the men using photographs and metadata from Facebook posts. Among the evidence presented are selfies the men allegedly took inside the Capitol building.

March 26, 2021: Anthony Williams of Southgate

Williams was the sixth person arrested in the Capitol riots after an online tip to the FBI. Agents say the tip identified him by name and included descriptions of his Facebook posts.

He was charged with obstruction of an official proceeding, knowingly entering a restricted building and violent entry into the Capitol.

Law enforcement obtained records from the Facebook account; one of the records showed a phone number located inside the Capitol Building on Jan. 6. Subscriber records attributed the number to Williams.

In videos posted to the Facebook account, Williams allegedly discussed his success in entering the building, saying "desperate times call for desperate measures." He was also seen posing next to and around statues in areas of the Capitol.

In another video, Williams allegedly said he and others "stormed" the Capitol and "pushed back the cops."

April 7, 2021: Jeremiah Caplinger

Caplinger, 25, was charged with three crimes including violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Photos and videos in the federal complaint show Caplinger wearing a Donald Trump hat while climbing a Capitol wall. They also show him inside the Capitol carrying a flag.

Feds used social media photos and an interview with as part of evidence against him.

In February, he allegedly told MLive he was inspired by Trump to travel to Washington to participate.

“I think it was a great stupid thing when it came to breaking and destroying things, sure… but I will not sit here and allow people to constantly demonize, patronize, criticize and try to ostracize Trump supporters for doing what they believe in,” he said.

April 7, 2021: Jeremy Sorvisto of Hancock

Sorvisto was the second man from the Upper Peninsula arrested in the attack. He was charged with entering and remaining in a restricted building and disorderly conduct in the Capitol among other charges.

According to a court filing, an online tip said pictures on Sorvisto’s fiancee’s Facebook page showed him inside the Capitol. Photos show Sorvisto drinking a beer outside the Capitol and also on Capitol surveillance footage.

Sorvisto Complaint by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

May 27, 2021: Anthony Puma of Brownstown Township

Puma was the ninth person arrested and he was charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, among other charges.

He allegedly climbed a wall outside of the Capitol and broke in through a window. He also made several statements on Facebook, according to the FBI, which included “We are here. What time do we storm the House of Representatives?”

June 30, 2021: Steven Thurlow of St. Clair Shores

Thurlow was the latest and 10th person arrested in the Capitol riots from Michigan. He’s charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in the Capitol and more.

According to the FBI Statement of Facts filed with the charges, Thurlow is seen inside the Capitol in photos on his Facebook page and surveillance video.

One photo shows Thurlow taking selfies inside the Capitol.

Thurlow Complaint by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

July 6, 2021: Trevor Brown of Novi

Trevor Brown, 29, was arrested Tuesday and is facing five different charges, including violent entry into the Capitol.

According to the FBI, Brown was first arrested on Jan. 6, the day of the riots, after he was spotted with a crowd of rioters trying to break into the Capitol. He was later released without any charges filed.

The FBI affidavit said that Brown then posted videos and other posts to social media talking about him participating in the riots, and even getting into the Capitol building.

"I made it into the Capitol. I almost died, but I made it in," Brown wrote, according to the affidavit.

August 17, 2021: Logan Barnahrt of Lansing

A Lansing man has been arrested and charged with allegedly assaulting police during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots in Washington D.C.

Logan Barnhart was arrested in Lansing and is the 12th person from Michigan who was arrested.

The 40-year-old was charged with assaulting officers using a dangerous weapon, civil disorder, engaging in physical violence in a restricted building, entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building and act of physical violence in the Capitol grounds.

A superseding indictment was unsealed in federal court on Tuesday after a grand jury charged Barnhart and others earlier this month.

The FBI released photos of Barnhart wearing a Caterpillar sweatshirt during the riots, and he was reportedly a target of the online group "Sedition Hunters" which aim to identify those who took part in the Capitol riots. He was known as "#CatSweat" by some of those in the group.

December 2, 2021: Justin Jersey of Flint

Police arrested 31-year-old Justin Jersey on Dec. 2. He was charged with several federal offenses including assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers and inflicting bodily injury.

The feds say Jersey helped in the assault of a Metropolitan Police Officer and then armed himself with a baton that he then used to hit other MPD officers.

December 7, 2021: Tim Boughner of Romeo

Agents arrested 41-year-old Tim Levon Bougher on Dec. 7, 2021 and charged with assaulting law enforcement with a dangerous weapon in relation to the Capitol riots.

The DOJ said Boughner used chemical spray against officers and reportedly posted about it on social media later that day.

U.S. DOJ documents show Tim Boughner allegedly at the Capitol riots

He allegedly wrote "f***** those cops up," and then reportedly posted again in February, "I have to share. My life has not been the same since this day...I still don't know how I ended up on the capital (sic) steps having a pepper spray fight with the capital (sic) police."

The DOJ says he is charged with engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon, and other charges.

Feb. 22, 2022: Matthew Krol of Linden

Matthew Krol, 63, was arrested Tuesday and is facing several charges. Prosecutors allege he took a baton from a police officer at the Capitol and assaulted the officer with it.

According to the complaint, an anonymous tipster contacted the FBI saying they knew Krol after seeing a photo of him on social media. The tipster also said Krol had been at the protests at the Michigan Capitol.

Photos included in the complaint allegedly show Krol spinning the officer around several times, "pulling them into the crowd and eventually wresting the baton from Officer D.P.’s hand. Krol then turns to the crowd, holding up the baton as if in celebration."

Krol then used the baton to strike other Metro Police officers, according to the FBI.

According to the FBI, Krol is the "self-professed executive officer of the Genesee County Volunteer Militia" and has been