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'I thought we were having an earthquake.' Cannabis dispensary collapses overnight

Posted at 10:09 PM, Sep 12, 2021

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A cannabis dispensary in southwest Detroit is in ruins after some kind of underground issue caused the building to collapse.

Luckily, all the employees inside were able to get out in time and no one was hurt.

The Department of Public Works says streets bordering W. Fort at Miller, W. Fort at Woodmere, Dearborn at Riverside, and Dearborn at Stone are closed until further notice.

Currently, DTE is working to repair electrical infrastructure that was impacted by a water main break. Officials say at this point there is no evidence to suggest this incident was caused by natural gas.

"I thought we were having an earthquake, to be honest," said Mario Seman, owner of Stash Detroit.

When he heard cracking and hissing noises from inside his business something told Seman he needed to get everyone out.

"I came outside and everything was fine--I just saw the building rising up from the ground and uh I'm just glad everyone is okay," said Seman.

Seman says it only took 10 minutes for destruction to unfold; falling bricks from the side of the building and now a gaping hole next door.

General manager Nick Thomas says the smell of gas has been in the area for the past three months and he's reported it to DTE.

"They've come like five or six times and either said it was fixed or not a major priority," said Thomas.

The investigation into what happened is a joint effort between the city of Detroit, the Great Lakes Water Authority, and DTE.

The fire marshal is now focused on demolition so the rest of the building won't collapse onto the sidewalk or utility lines.

"We just remodeled the building everything was safe and sound so we don't--we don't have any idea how this could happen," said Seman.

All of Stash Detroit's products and supplies were destroyed in the collapse.

Thomas says thanks to insurance they'll be back serving customers in no time.

"It's not really about the product it's more about the people in there," said Thomas, "I can replace the product. I can't replace my staff."

Stash Detroit is already looking for another location to set up shop.

We don't yet know when the building will come down. The incident is still under investigation.