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Cider donuts are more than just a seasonal treat, Michiganders say

Kevin Michaels has been making donuts at Franklin Cider Mill for over 30 years, a skill he learnt from his father
Posted at 8:20 AM, Nov 22, 2021

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — It's no secret: A true Michigander will never compromise on cider donuts.

In fact, most also know where to get the best ones across metro Detroit.

But for Kevin Michaels, a second generation donut maker at Franklin Cider Mill, it's a lifestyle.

"It's part of fall, that's for sure. Kind of carrying on the tradition who made them before me," Michaels said.

Kevin started helping his dad make donuts at the Franklin Cider Mill at the age of 12.

And now even though he works full time as a chiropractor, Michaels continues to keep the seasonal tradition alive for over 30 years because it brings back good old memories.

"He would always come home smelling like a donut, so that smell of a donut got associated with my dad," Michaels said.

Michaels doesn’t plan to reveal his dad’s secret recipe for making the best cider donut but has a few tips to share.

"Texture is the temperature it's cooked at, the good flavor is the ingredients and the oil you fry it in makes a big difference too," Michaels said.

And that’s why husband and wife Paul and Leanne Zuzich drove for three hours just to get hot cider donuts at Franklin Cider Mill.

"They've been consistent over the years, which is what keep everyone coming back every year," Paul Zuzich said.

But according to Maddy and Chloe, donuts are not their mom's cup of tea.

"Because she hates sugar, she is the sugar police," Maddy Mullen said.

And their dad Chris Mullen has a theory.

"There are two types of Michiganders: Ones that eat the donuts and talk openly and the other is the one who pretends they don't eat the donuts," Chris Mullen said.

Regardless of the situation, cider donuts will always be people's favorite. Just remember the season is almost over, so go get some while stocks last.