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Son who confessed to 'harming' father charged with murder

Posted at 5:58 PM, Dec 03, 2019

SPRING LAKE, Mich. — The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office says it was Kenneth Boone who called 911 on Sunday morning to report he'd harmed James Boone, his 64-year-old father.
Today, he was arraigned on an open murder charge.

Captain Mark Bennett explained, "When deputies arrived on scene they first noticed the defendant walking down the street. He had a blunt object in his hand."

He said the 25-year-old didn't put up a fight when deputies commanded him to drop the object and surrender himself. Boone lived with his father on Pawnee Drive in Spring Lake Township where deputies found the elder Boone deceased inside.

The investigation revealed his father died of blunt force trauma. At this point, Bennett says they don't know a motive but underlying issues are apparent.

"There does appear to be some type of mental health history as well, and we're looking into if that could have played a part in this. To what extent, we just don't know," he said.

Many questions remain to be answered, but investigators do have a reference point.

"Looking back through the course of history, we have responded to this residence in the past. The defendant had some legal history. He had been arrested for other violations, some of them to be felonies," Bennett explained.

Court records show Kenneth Boone pleaded guilty to aggravated indecent exposure which landed him on the sex offender registry. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, was placed on probation and ordered to attend anger management classes.

Bennett says Boone has been cooperative with investigators. He remains behind bars and is due back in court later this month.