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Dozens gather to watch, rate Super Bowl commercials in Spring Lake

Posted at 12:15 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 00:20:46-05

SPRING LAKE, MICH. — At Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, dozens of people had their eyes glued to the screen every time the commercials came on.

“This is the 18th year that we’ve done this and the objective every year is to have a Super Bowl party where we talk during the game and we don’t talk during the ads,” Chief Creative Officer of HAVEN Bill McKendry said.

“I started this originally to be able to demonstrate to my staff what does America really like in terms of a super bowl advertisement.

McKendry an advertising expert, put together Super Ad Haven to judge the best of the best in 2020.

“There are four things that people kind of respond to, one is any kind of animal, any kind of child or baby, mild violence usually goes over pretty well, male stupidity absolutely goes over well. I argue that if somebody put all four in one ad they would win,” McKendry explained.

Judges consisted of The Pros, those with media backgrounds versus The Bros, the general public.

Good ads got touchdowns, bad ads were considered a delay of game and safeties were just alright.

“The objective is to try and predict what three ads will be at the top of USA Today poll,” McKendry added.

McKendry says simplicity typically wins.

“People really like really simple concepts that’s very clear and understandable and makes them laugh or makes them cry. The best advertisers are the ones that make a difference in people’s minds,”

Here are the picks:

Pro's (Media and Ad Pro's)

1. Jeep | Groundhog Day (w/Bill Murray)

2. Cheetos | Can't Touch This (featuring MC Hammer)

3. Rocket Mortgage (featuring Aquaman Jason Momoa)

Bro's (Students and Ad Lovers)

1. Doritos | Your Move (w/Sam Elliot & Lil Nas X)

2. Rocket Mortgage (featuring Aquaman Jason Momoa)

3. Cheetos | Can't Touch This (featuring MC Hammer)

Sentimental Favorite

Google | Assistant

Honorable Mention:

Amazon | What Life Was Like Before Alexa (featuring Ellen)

Facebook | Group Pages Rock