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DNR investigating dead bald eagle found in Grand Haven

Posted at 3:07 PM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-25 21:55:14-05

**Editor's note: The images of the deceased bald eagle have been partially blurred by FOX 17.**

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — America's national symbol was found dead in Grand Haven on Tuesday.

Adam Young works at Skipper Bud's, near where a dead bald eagle was found on the ground.

“To let that thing lay there dead. It’s a shame,” Young said.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is investigating this as a possible poaching, but won't know definitively until results from Lansing return. At this time they suspect the bird was either shot or hit some power lines.

Young says based on the photos he's seen, there's no doubt in his mind someone killed the bird.

“It’s obvious. You can see an entry point right at it’s neck. And the exit point going through the head. So senseless. Completely senseless act,” Adam Young said.

The DNR says cases of poaching are incredibly difficult to bring to justice, because the victims cannot speak for themselves.

Young says they enjoy seeing the eagles fly by Skipper Bud's. He can't imagine why someone would do such a thing.

“It’s sad. It’s very sad. Poaching is an awful thing. And then my god, a bald eagle? It represents our country and our freedom," Young said.