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Allendale Christmas light show met with a hilarious response from neighbor

A duel request from the creator led to the sign
Posted at 8:16 AM, Dec 03, 2020

ALLENDALE — A yearly labor of lights and love is bringing some much-needed joy and a little comedy to West Michigan. This all in a year where we could use something to put a smile on our face.

These dueling light shows in Allendale may be one-sided, but it is the response that is garnering some extra attention. The original light show, made up of hundreds of lights that last four minutes and is complete with sound, is not new to this area. It is the sign in the neighbors yard that is adding another twist to the show.

The makers of the light show, Ryan Dornbos, his wife and his brother put about 40-hours of time into programming the spectacle. They then spent another 3 months getting it all up and running, just in time for the holidays.

They have done it every year since the Dornbos's moved in. The display was always a dream for Ryan and his wife Chelsea. "When me and my wife starting dating, we used to travel all over the place looking at all the light shows." said Ryan. "As soon as we bought our house and had a child, this show is what we wanted to do for everybody else. Just bring family together and have a good time."

Ryan didn't want to just stop with his own house though. For the last few years, Ryan went to his neighbor, Chris Vanderland, and asked him to join in on the fun with dueling shows. Chris was hesitant to put in the time for a show that can compete. That is until they came to the hilarious compromise of just a simple ditto sign pointing to Ryan's show from Chris's yard.

"I guess you can say we are kind of famous in Allendale at the moment, but it was just comical to us." said Chris. "In this year, as awful as it was, I think this is good for everybody. That is why it got as big as it did. I feel everyone is looking for that little comedic relief."

You can find the display and response near where 92nd Avenue, Warner Street and Bass Drive meet in Allendale.