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A group of Ottawa County condos are surrounded by standing water

The Grand River is expected to crest in a couple days
Posted at 8:58 PM, May 19, 2020

SPRING LAKE — High water levels and flooding are causing damage across West Michigan.

The Grand River is expected to crest in the next couple days.

A group of condos in Spring Lake sit right next to the Grand River and after recent rainfall they are dealing with more than a foot of standing water overtaking the parking lot and approaching front doors of first level homes.

“The whole front yard, the parking lot. We own the first two rows of parking and the Holiday Inn parking lot. That's all full of water,” Condo Association President Mark Porter said.

“It's just devastating. You just you just don't know what to do. There's nothing you can do,” Porter added.

The association is looking into a permanent fix, to prevent such extensive flooding, but some is just inevitable.

“We have a long-term water issue here within the county with Lake Michigan water,” Ottawa County Emergency Management Director Nick Bonstell.

As of Tuesday night, Ottawa County is assessing nearly 300 structures for damage.

Officials are urging anyone with property to take extra measures to mitigate flooding, because the high-water levels are not going away soon.

We had over 10 inches of rainfall here in the county so there’s nowhere for the water to go, the groundwater levels are so high, the drains are full and the river is going to crest here in a couple days as well,” Bonstell explained.

Ottawa County officials will meet with homeowners Wednesday as they go out and assess the damage.

If you live in Ottawa County and want to report damage visit the EM's department’s Facebook page or call 211.