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Pop cans stolen from Muskegon Wolf Sanctuary

Posted at 3:58 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 16:40:07-04

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Brenda Pearson once had so many pop cans to return for her animal sanctuary, Howling Timbers, they reached as tall as her pole barn.

“We had them stacked to the top of the building from side to side, and I went out there and there was only one little bag left,” Howling Timbers founder Brenda Pearson said.

Until she noticed one day, all the cans were gone.

“So I asked my husband about it and he said I thought you gave them to somebody, like for 4-H or something, I said no we were collecting them for here,” Pearson said.

What happened next is why Brenda says she loves her community so much. A post to Facebook was all it took for donations to start rolling in again.

At least a dozen people showed up on Monday to help get Brenda back to her goal.

“It makes me feel fantastic," Pearson said. "We live in such a good area, and the people are so giving."

She says more than anything, they've been overwhelmed with requests for visits this summer.

What they truly need is volunteers to help with the care for their animals. Find out how to help here.