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Lakeshore students come together for charitable cause

Posted at 10:41 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 22:59:18-05

NORTON SHORES, Mich. — Kids from the lakeshore area have come together to back various charities in the area.

Seven children originally started the effort called "Lakeshore Kids Who Care."

"The whole idea of this is just to get kids involved in the community," said Aiden Kalisz, a sophomore at Muskegon Catholic Central. "When I look around, not many kids are putting forth their time to help those that are less fortunate."

Kalisz hopes to inspire other kids their time and resources to help others. The group holds quarterly meetings.

At each meeting, each kid brings $10 and can vote on a charity presentation at each meeting. At the first meeting, three charities presented.

"I just thought it was cool," Grace Cooper, a sophomore at Spring Lake Schools. "At such a young age, I never thought I could actually do that much for other people in need. After realizing that even if everybody just donates 10 dollars, and all added up, it's actually a big impact."

On Wednesday evening, the group presented the first sum of money to charity Step Up Muskegon, which helps young adults find housing.