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Complete strangers save Twin Lake couple from car crash

“You allowed us to go back home to our kids, so, thank you a lot," the driver told FOX 17
Muskegon car crash
Posted at 10:50 PM, Jan 10, 2022

MUSKEGON, Mich. — It was a scary scene for a couple from Twin Lake last Wednesday, when they were driving through last week's winter storm. They lost control of their car and eventually rolled off US-31 onto the shoulder of the highway.

It got even worse when they were stuck inside the car, upside down — until two complete strangers brought them back to safety.

“My life got flipped upside down not too long ago," said Simone Santos, the driver of the car that crashed in the snow.

That's usually a figure of speech, but Santos was speaking literally.

“I was terrified," she told FOX 17. "It was pretty horrific.”

Last Wednesday, Jan. 5, was Santos' birthday, so she and her boyfriend, Michael, wanted to do something special. They decided to order takeout from China Star in Muskegon, her favorite restaurant.

On the drive over, the scary moment happened.

Her Chevy Tahoe slid on the highway, spiraled out of control and eventually flipped onto the shoulder.

“I was having a panic attack," Santos said. "I was trying to not panic while panicking.”

Santos said fear really set in when she realized she and Michael were stuck in the car upside down.

“I couldn’t get out," she said. "I tried my car door, nothing. He tried his car door, nothing."

Then, out of nowhere, two complete strangers came to the rescue.

“Two guys were at the door and I could hear they were trying to open the door," Santos said. "They finally got it open. Michael got out. I was disoriented so I was still trying to get to the back. Then they all grabbed me by the coat and pulled me out of the car.”

To this day, Santos has no idea who those two young men were. No ages, no names, barely even a description.

Two days after the crash, she made a post on Facebook hoping they might see it. The post said, in part:

"I just wanted to give a giant shout out to the two young men who helped Michael and myself get out of my Tahoe on the highway heading to Muskegon two days ago. You two kind hearted men saved us and I can not express the gratitude I have!!!! We couldn't get out ourselves. I hope at least one of you sees this!!!! You helped two parents get back home to their babies!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts I'm so sorry that I didn't thank you properly while it was happening I was pretty shaken up at that moment.

You guys are my heros and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you guys!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

On Monday, Santos told FOX 17, “I was ugly crying that whole day. That’s why I said I felt bad.”

She added, “I made the status because I wanted to thank them. I didn’t get their names or nothing. I kind of was just crying the whole time.”

Even with everything Santos has been through, losing her car in the process, she's still thankful. Without those two strangers, that birthday could've been her last.

“You allowed us to go back home to our kids, so, thank you a lot," she said.

Santos would like to thank those good Samaritans in person, so if you know who they are, email with information.

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