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Store owner offers beer and brats - but there's a catch

Posted at 7:46 PM, Feb 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-02 07:59:59-05
Local store offers beer, brats if Lions ever win a Super Bowl

Thanks to one local business owner, Lions fans have even more to look forward to if the Come-Back Kitties ever win the Big Game.

Free beer when the Lions win a Super Bowl - at least, that's according to a sign in front of Dick's Market in Dorr, Michigan.

“Of course I want to get people’s attention," Owner Steve Dutkiewicz told FOX 17. "And I thought, 'Well, it’s the Super Bowl! Let’s make it ‘Free beer if the Lions win the Super Bowl'. And it’s gotten a lot of attention.”

The sign turned so many heads Dutkiewicz decided to sweeten the pot. Now the offer is free beer and $1 each for their award-winning brats when the Lions finally take the ultimate football prize.

Even though the team hasn't won a playoff game since 1992, Dutkiewicz has never lost hope.

"We're all Lions fans forever." He said. And like any good fan, it's important to him to say "when" while talking about a day Lions fans have been waiting for since 1957.

Dutkiewicz promises as long as he's running the store, the offer stands. He hasn't decided how much beer and brats will be available to each customer, but plans on calling a few beer makers notorious for coming through after a team beats a dry-spell for help.

When the Lions finally make it happen we'll check back with Dick's Market, but for now Lions fans will just have to wait - and hope - for next year.