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Kalamazoo Public Safety arrests 3 people connected to assault involving gun

Posted at 2:17 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-08 14:17:28-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Public Safety Officers arrested 3 people Wednesday night as part of an investigation into an assault involving a gun. Officers say 2 of those suspects fought them, with one trying to force his way out of a patrol car by biting an officer.

Dispatch sent officers to North Church Street near Paterson Street on April 7 for a report of an assault where one of the attackers pointed a gun at the victims.

Officers say they spotted a vehicle suspected to be involved in the situation, and started questioning the people inside. They ordered a 15-year-old to exit the vehicle. Officers searched the teen and found a gun. That's when police say the teen started to fight with officers.

More officers responded, and the teen was arrested after suffering minor injuries. Police arrested 2 other people out of the car, with 1 of them also fighting with officers.

Police say they took the teen to be checked by medical professionals, but during the trip he complained that the handcuffs were too tight. The officers stopped to adjust the cuffs, and that's when the suspect tried to escape out of the cruiser. Police say the teen bit the officer on the head several times in the attempt, but he was secured back into the vehicle.

Investigators say they found a 2nd gun inside the car on Church Street.

In a statement, Chief Vernon Coakley says video footage from body cameras and dash cameras is being reviewed. The results of that review will likely be made public to provide clarity to what happened during the arrests.

The 3 suspects arrested are being held on several felony charges.

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