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Walker Police Department rolls out new body cams

Walker PD Bodycams 02.jpg
Posted at 9:28 AM, Dec 07, 2020

WALKER, Mich. — The City of Walker Police Department began rolling out new body worn camera systems last week.

The department says that while a few kinks need to be worked out and a few officers still need to be outfitted with a camera, the rollout has been going smoothly overall.

The body cams sync with the new dash cam and rear seat cameras in the department’s cruisers.

Walker PD Bodycams 01.jpg
Walker Police Department's new body cams.

Officers will be able to watch videos from interviews, calls for service and other incidents from inside their cruisers by using a program on the in-cruiser computers.

Supervisors can also access the body cams from inside the department’s office, giving them a live look at what is going on during a call for services if they are not already on the scene.

Recordings are then downloaded and stored automatically when the body cams charge at Walker PD.