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Walk-in microchipping services offered at Humane Society of West Michigan

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Posted at 3:30 PM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 15:30:17-04

WALKER, Mich. — The Humane Society of West Michigan is offering walk-in microchipping for publicly owned animals this month, according to the nonprofit animal shelter.

We’re told microchipping services can be done 1 p.m. through 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday at their admitting department.

With July being National Lost Pet Awareness Month, The Humane Society of West Michigan is making an extra push to make sure those pets who do go missing come home safe.

Throughout July, they're offering a walk-in microchipping clinic for just $15

"It’s something we wanted to do to make microchipping more accessible to people a lot of vets are backed up right months ahead of advance so instead of being able to get into your vet easy and get it done it’s a lot harded to get it done with covid," said Brianna Shahly, Humane Society of West Michigan's Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

Shahly also said that the process only takes a few minutes and is painless for the pet.

"What a microchip does is some people think it’s like a tracker but it’s not," Shahly said. "How it works is it’s a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice that’s implanted in your pet usually right between their shoulder blades back here...most pets don’t even react when we microchip them it’s barely anything and it heals up really easy, so it’s nothing to be concerned about it’s not gonna hurt your pet any more than just a poke for the distemper virus anything like that."

It does make a big difference if your pet does go missing. If someone brings a missing pet to a shelter or vet's office, they can be scanned for that microchip, so make sure your phone number and contact info is always up to date, so that they can reach you immediately for a reunion.

"Usually it’s a really tearful lovely reunion like ‘oh my baby’ so it’s really great that we can help make sure they get back home where they belong safe and sound with the family that loves them," Shahly said. "It’s just a great way to protect your pet for life."

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