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Another salon steps up to honor gift cards, hire displaced stylists

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 18:07:35-05

ADA, Mich. — There's some relief for customers who recently bought gift cards from a salon that suddenly closed its doors. After Tuesday's Problem Solvers story, another salon is stepping up to honor those gift cards. It's even hired stylists who lost their jobs.

As reported, The J Salon is accused of continuing to sell gift cards, not telling those customers they were planning to close and neglecting to communicate since then.

On Wednesday, The James Salon is looking to pay it forward and attract new business. Owner James Garnant says customers can redeem the gift cards at either the Ada or East Grand Rapids locations.

"I'm creating a win-win situation. I'd love to earn the business from the people that this happened to and for them to come and experience The James Salon experience. We're not just a salon. We're a medical spa and a boutique," Garnant explained.

He says people forwarded him a link to the Problem Solvers story that aired Tuesday on The J Salon.

The owners of The J Salon, Kurt and Renee Telman, announced the sudden closure of their business on Facebook the same day it closed which was Dec. 28. It's left many customers upset and confused because they were blind-sided after buying the gift cards as Christmas gifts. That includes Jessica Kamps who bought a $150 gift card for her mother on Dec. 13.

"I've seen other posts that nobody's responded to anybody else's calls, emails. I haven't. I haven't heard anything," Kamps said.

So Garnant says he wanted to find a way to help those affected.

"I am acquaintances with (the Telmans), and I know a part of their story. So I do know this is a good people that just something unfortunate happened. Unfortunately, it affects customers and part of the community too," Garnant said.

The James Salon is coming through in a big way by also hiring stylists who were reportedly given 10 days notice of the impending closure. Tuesday, Kurt Telman only told the Problem Solvers he's filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy but didn't offer any further information. The couple also deactivated the Facebook business page after our story.

But Garnat says he’s here to help.

"I have no idea how many outstanding (gift cards) are out there. I look at it like I'm paying it forward. It'll be paid forward back to us as well," he said.

FOX 17 reached out to the Telmans for comment once again today but have not heard back. Yesterday, Mr. Telman said he'd have his lawyer follow up with FOX 17.