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Remembering Walker Police Officer Trevor Slot 10 years later

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Trevor Slot memorial Oct. 2021
Trevor Slot memorial Oct. 2021
Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-16 18:33:46-04

WALKER, Mich. — Walker police remembered one of their own Saturday, ten years after an officer killed in the line of duty.

For the first time since his death, his former partner talked about his life and legacy he leaves behind.

“You know, Trevor was one of a kind. He was somebody you knew went into this business for all the right reasons,” said Sgt. Robin Maley.

He and Trevor Slot worked together for nine years, five of those as patrol district partners.

“We enjoyed working together, so we found a way to have the night shift sergeant alter his district rotations so we were able to work the same district every shift,” said Maley.

“Trevor had a great laugh,” said Chief Keith Mankel. “He always had jokes, made everybody happy around them. That was the big thing with Trevor, just his laughter and his friendship.”

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His impact was not only felt among the department but also the people who were locked up. Criminals who were no stranger to police even had nice things to say about him.

“Not long after we lost him,” said Maley, “I ran into someone in the business we call a ‘frequent flier.’ This particular gentleman was probably in the top three for the number of arrested people in the city of Walker. He said he was sorry for what happened to Trevor, and he wanted us to know that Trevor never treated him like a common criminal. He always treated him like a real human being.”

Sergeant Maley spoke Saturday following the 10-year anniversary of Slot’s death. Family, friends and colleagues gathered at the police and fire memorial in Walker’s Central Park.

“Trevor always did the right thing, you know, I mean I think that’s what makes him so special,” said Chief Mankel. “He was always willing to stand up and do the right thing for everybody — even the day he went out and did the right thing.”

That day was Oct. 13, 2011.

Bank robbers hit and killed Trevor in Ottawa County as the 41-year-old was putting out stop sticks on I-96 at Eighth Avenue to stop them during a chase.

The suspects were later shot and killed by responding police.

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“I will always be proud of his bravery that day, and I know that this community is also forever grateful,” said Maley.

Since Trevor died, 17 people have left or retired from the force. Fourteen people who worked with him are still there. Since 2012, 14 new officers have been hired — meaning 64 percent of the current force never knew him.

“Therefore, we have made it a point to make sure that every new officer is aware of Trevor’s legacy,” said Maley. “We not only have this beautiful clock tower memorial, but also, tucked away from the public in the basement of the police department, we have another one. And it’s just outside of the locker rooms that the officers walk out of every day to begin their shift. It’s a reminder for them to stay on their toes while on duty and to honor an officer who gave everything for his fellow officers and citizens of the city of Walker.”

The department incorporates Trevor’s story in its field training program that every new officer goes through.

Officers also put together the Trevor P. Slot Foundation, which gives scholarships to high school graduates pursuing a career in criminal justice.

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