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It's back! New and improved Lowell Showboat returns to the water

Posted at 6:39 AM, Oct 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 06:39:13-04

LOWELL, Mich. — The city of Lowell now has a showboat back in the water.

On Wednesday, there was a christening before the showboat began its journey over air bags to its resting place in the Flat River.

The old showboat was demolished in February of last year after 40 years there.

"This is the sixth showboat we've had in Lowell since the 1930s," said City Manager Mike Burns.

"The showboat is really what the city is all about. We are the showboat city. So the showboat and having a future showboat is very important to this community."

Burns says they still are collecting money to pay for this project.

The showboat will be used as a year-round hub for different events and meetings in the community.