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Golf course opens for the holidays

Posted at 4:35 PM, Dec 23, 2019

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — Christmas came early for some West Michigan golfers this year. The warmer temperatures prompted Maple Hill Golf Course in Grandville to open for a few days around the holidays.

It's an unusual site at most golf courses this time of year in Michigan. Staff say the course closes in late October and opens back up mid-March, but the 50-plus degree weather has them saying "why not" to a little fresh air and exercise.

Golfer Josh Mastbergen said, "Coming out here two days before Christmas, that's pretty cool."

Jason Sanchez, the course's general manager said, "This year, with the end of 2019 being so warm, we decided to open it up during the holidays to give those die-hard golfers an opportunity to come out here and get a little golf in before and after Christmas."

Golfer Nathan Voss said, "I just think it's fun. I like golf, the fact that we can do it in mid-December. I actually have to work in an hour. Come out and get a quick round of golf in, it's just fun to me."

Randy Laramy made the 45-minute drive from Howard City with his son Cody.-

"I found it online today that it was going to be open," he said, "Got to take advantage of something December."

Word is spreading online and in the pro shop where enthusiasts and their loved ones do some last minute shopping. Sanchez says those golfers will be able to use their clubs, hats, or balls right away, instead of waiting another 3 months to hit the greens.

"And then tomorrow will be pretty crazy. Everybody wants to be able to say they golfed on Christmas Eve, and then obviously the day after Christmas being off will be crazy. So I'm looking forward to it," Sanchez said.