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Forest Hills superintendent says they are suspending teacher accused of inappropriately touching students

Posted at 8:54 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-07 12:12:33-04

ADA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The Forest Hills Public Schools superintendent responded today to the allegations that teacher John Mogila inappropriately touched students.

In an email to parents, superintendent Dan Behm said, "Mr. Moglia is suspended from his assignment and prohibited from school property."

In addition to cooperating with the Kent County Sheriff's office, he said they are conducting their own internal investigation.

Behm said that it is their intent to communicate with parents, but while the investigation is ongoing there is information they cannot share.

He later went on to say, "In this case, the time between when we were made aware of the outcome of the law enforcement investigation, late in the day on August 4, and when the media was notified, the morning of August 5, did not allow us to adequately communicate with parents."

"Forest Hills Public School District's highest priority is the physical and emotional safety of our students," he wrote. "We are grateful for the students who came forward and we are committed to seeing this matter through to its appropriate conclusion, working in partnership with the Sheriff’s Department and the courts."

He added that they are taking this matter seriously, saying "In Forest Hills, we are fortunate to have so many outstanding employees who care deeply about the education and welfare of our community’s children. Unfortunately, allegations such as these strain the fabric of trust that binds our community together and strengthens our schools. We must always do our best to ensure that children are safe from harm, and that we maintain the highest of expectations for the conduct and the character of the adults who are privileged to help educate our community’s youth."

Behm encouraged parents who believe their students would benefit from additional counseling to get in contact with their child's principal. He asked parents with more information to reach out to the Kent County Sheriff's Department.

Read the full email here.