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Flight path used to create a not-so subtle message in the sky

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Posted at 9:26 PM, May 02, 2020

MICHIGAN — One pilot used his flight path to capture public sentiment about Governor Whitmer's extension of the state of emergency and "Stay Home, Stay Safe" but tells FOX 17, despite reports, he did it as a joke.

The message isn't appropriate for all viewers, but the flight path can be seen here

Asking not to be named, the pilot admitted to taking off from a West Michigan airport on May 1st and creating the outline for a two-letter statement with an arrow pointing at the governor's mansion. The statement is one usually an expression of anger at a person or group.

People on the ground may have noticed the unusual aerial maneuvers from Hastings down to Olivet or from Lansing back over to the Dowling area.

The pilot tells us it was meant to be a joke between himself and a few of his pilot buddies from other states and he's not all that frustrated with the governor.

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Pilot writes message to Whitmer