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Family shaken after armed group breaks into their home

Surveillance cameras on the family's home caught the suspects on video
Posted at 2:57 PM, Dec 24, 2019

GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A family is looking for justice after they say an armed group of people broke into their home while they were away.

James Shingola says his son has been living at the home on his property on 4 Mile Road near Dean Lake.

On the morning of Nov. 26, Shingola's son had come home from an overnight work shift. His son's girlfriend had apparently invited several people over while he was gone. Shingola says his son kicked everyone except for his girlfriend out of the house when he got home.

His son then drove his girlfriend home. While his son was driving her home, the group of people broke into the house. Shingola believes the people his son kicked out of their house had returned.

“I called my son on the phone and I’m like what’s up? Where you at? are you home? He’s like, I think someone broke inside the house,” he told FOX 17.

As it turns out, the whole incident was caught on the family's surveillance cameras.

“They get in my garage and they pull out handguns ... no one even noticed the guns in their hands until the next day,” he said.

In the video, you can see multiple people walk up the family's driveway with little hesitation. They enter the garage through a side door. One of them then puts their head up to the door leading inside, apparently listening to hear if anyone's home.

They kick in the door leading inside the home and enter.

"It just ruins your holiday. It's a time of giving and people think they can just take what they want with no repercussions. Well, they're wrong. I am going to press this all the way," Shingola told FOX 17.

The Kent County Sheriff is investigating the incident. They have not yet identified any suspects involved.

Shingola and his family just hope these people don't end up doing this to another family's home.

“I kind of was more worried about them doing it to someone else... what if they killed someone. It sends chills down my spine thinking about it,” he said.

If you have any information about the break in or the suspects involved, you are asked to call the Kent County Sheriff's Office at 616- 632-6100 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.