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Elderly couple and pets escape Ada house fire

Posted at 10:34 AM, Dec 29, 2019

ADA, Mich. — An elderly couple and their 6 pets safely escaped their home after it caught fire Sunday morning.

The homeowners say they were woken up just before 5am to the sound of their dogs barking, fire alarm and the smell of smoke.

"I was sleeping and my dog let me know that something was wrong," said Judy McKinney, homeowner. "I opened up my bedroom door and the whole house was filled with smoke. Then the detectors started going off."

The fire chief at Ada Township Fire Department says the home caught fire because of the wood burner and chimney.

"If you are burning wood, make sure that you have your chimney cleaned before the start of the season," said chief David Murray with the Ada Township Fire Department. "It was a great thing when we pulled up that you could hear the smoke detectors from the driveway. So, keep the smoke detectors charged and if you're a wood burner make sure that chimney`s clean."

The home is salvageable and faced minimal burn and smoke damage.