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Downsizing: Trading in your home for an R.V.

Posted at 8:44 AM, Jun 24, 2021

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Mich. — As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, people are satisfying the itch to travel by downsizing their stationary lives for one more suited for the open road.

Greg and Kristi Hainline of Crystal Springs recently sold their three-story home in exchange for a Class-A Winnebago motor home. The move has been years in the making, finally cashing in during a seller’s market to make their dream come true.

“What’s not to like?” Hainline asked. “The Grand Haven lake shore is our backyard for the next two weeks. No grass to mow here.”

The couple has planned the next six months at state parks across the mitten state before packing up and heading South for the winter.

The couple took the leap of faith as a way to cut ties with societal baggage, enabling them to stay close to their children who’ve all flown the nest. Hainline says a mix of Covid cabin fever, an adventurous spirit, and a hot seller’s market culminating the perfect chance to make it happen.

“So there's been a huge amount of downsizing right, there's been a lot of letting go,” Hainline said. “So when Kristi talks about freedom, there was a lot of letting. We sold a ton of furniture. And it’s amazing not to be tied down to things that are not important. Life is about experiences, so that’s really the focus here.”

The Hainlines are traveling in style, now living in a 37-foot Winnebago; complete with two bathrooms, a king-size bed, full kitchen, and other ‘bells and whistles’ requested by the couple to make life on the road more enjoyable. They’re now sharing their downsizing story with others looking for ways to kick the pandemic blues.

The couple is not alone in their hunger for the open road, R.V. dealerships across the country are reporting motor home sales exceeding any other year prior. Consumer reports indicate boat and automobiles are also competing.