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Howl-off between Walker boy and dog goes viral

Posted at 10:47 AM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 05:26:11-05

WALKER, Mich. — A local 2-year-old boy and his dog have gone viral.

Alix Smith, 30, told FOX 17 she recorded an everyday moment last week when her son, Braxton Smith, 2, engaged in a howl-off with their 6-year-old husky, Boston.

“As he started to do it, I said, this is funny, and I started to record it. And they just kept doing it,” Alix said.

“I woke up the next day, and it had 20,000 views.”

The Facebook video now has 1.8 million views as of Tuesday morning.

“He just does cute things. I’m his mom – of course I’m biased,” Alix said. “I just posted it like any other video, and it kind of went viral.”

The Walker resident said she’s getting messages about the video from people as far away as China and the Philippines.

“I think it’s awesome, though, because I think there’s just so much going on with coronavirus, politics and everything,” she said. "So for everyone to get a smile and laugh looking at my dog and son, I’m totally okay with that. A little bit of happiness and cheer to the world."

As the mother of a toddler, Alix always tries to capture whenever Braxton “first experiences things.”

“He just thinks it’s the greatest thing on earth, getting the dog to talk back,” she said. “So now it’s an everyday thing.”

Alix, a nurse technician at Spectrum Health, added that her husband, Zac Smith, 30, is “blown away” by the video of their son and husky going viral.

Watch the video below.