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Scarves tied to trees, benches, poles in downtown Grand Rapids free for taking

Posted at 4:03 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 16:04:00-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A group of people are trying to spread some extra warmth this winter by distributing hundreds of free hand-knit scarves throughout downtown Grand Rapids.

The scarves can be seen tied to poles, benches, trees and fences along Division and at Veteran's Park near the Children's Museum.

The organizer, who would like to stay anonymous, started the scarf project in 2015 in honor of her father's passing.

Now every year on December 6, she and other volunteers knit and distribute free scarves hoping to spread some joy and warmth to those in need.

When the project started, she only had ten scarves. This year she distributed 293 with the help of nine volunteers.

One woman took a scarf for herself and her seven-year-old daughter, who have struggled this year during the pandemic.

"I'm a single mom. I've stayed at home most of this year not working, trying to home school and stuff. Finally I'm out here back at work and everything," said Sierra Ingram. "I know the weather is getting cold and stuff, so this is really helpful for me and my daughter to get a little bit of winter gear."

The organizer says while she knows a scarf isn't much, it's what she knows and hopes it brightens somebody's day.

Ingram says she and her daughter experienced that joy firsthand.

"I hope it brings a lot of positivity. There's so much negative things that people are trying to take from the news, so I think it's good that people are doing what they can to get back," said Ingram.

The scarves are tied to some trees near Degage Ministries, along Division and at Veterans Park in Grand Rapids.