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Safe Haven Ministries still helping abuse survivors through closures

Domestic Violence Exposure Concerns
Posted at 5:21 PM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 20:02:41-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — When it comes to statewide quarantines and closures, victims of domestic violence may wonder where to turn. One place victims can go to is Safe Haven Ministries in Grand Rapids.

Anyone who needs help can call or go to the ministry, which is still able to get personal protection orders despite government closures.

“Having increased exposure to an abusive partner is really fearful for a lot of survivors," said Holly Wilson, director of client services at Safe Haven Ministries.

The group is still focused on helping survivors even during a worldwide pandemic.

“We’re hoping that individuals will know that they can continue to access our services and get the support and safety that they need," Wilson said.

The 24/7 hotline is up and running, the shelter remains open and advocates are still able to connect with people in need.

“When people are hearing that other places are closed, they wonder if they’re going to be able to access the needed services. So we just want to reassure that our agency is still fully operational," Wilson said.

Being able to get help is big concern for victims of domestic violence, especially if they are forced to work from home or be around their abuser more often.

Safe Haven Ministries is still able to get PPOs through 17th District Court despite all the state-mandated closures.

For those who need a place to stay, the ministry has 14 rooms that are being disinfected according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols.

If someone were to test positive for COVID-19, the shelter has a plan in place for that too.

Anyone in need of help can call the ministry's hotline at 616-452-6664. Resources are also available through the YWCA at 616-454-9922