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Kent County Road Commission issues safety reminder

Posted at 12:53 PM, Dec 24, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) crews continue to scrape off snow and apply de-icing materials throughout the road network. Drivers are advised to closely monitor conditions that can change rapidly within minutes and take the following precautions

  • Slow down.
  • Allow extra time to reach destination.
  • Leave additional space between vehicles.
  • Avoid in-car distractions.
  • Give plow trucks plenty of room and do not pass them on the right (wing may be in use)
  • Don’t crowd the plow, maintain a safe distance: Snowplows are large and operators cannot see directly behind the truck.
  • Slow down when you see a snow plow: Snow plows travel at a slower speed; the most common crashes are motorists hitting the rear end of the plow. Stay alert and watch for a plow’s green and amber lights.
  • Do not pass plow on right: Plows push snow to the right shoulder, and many are equipped with a wing plow – a 6-8 foot extension on the right-hand side of the plow. This wing is difficult to see and can do harm to a passing car.
  • Do not pass in a snow cloud: Be sure the road ahead is clear of vehicles or snowdrifts before attempting to pass on the left. A snow cloud could be caused by crosswinds or by a snowplow, so be patient.
  • Remember: Plows do more than plow: Plow trucks also spread salt and deicing agents may spray your car. Maintain a safe distance between your car and the snowplow and be extremely cautious when passing on the left. Remember - do NOT pass a snow plow on the right.
  • Check the condition of the tires or consider snow/winter tires.
  • Replace the wiper blades, if needed.
  • Fill up on antifreeze and window-washer fluid.
  • Ensure the battery has sufficient charge.
  • Try to keep the gas tank full.

KCRC also encourages having certain items ready for an emergency:

  • A flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow rope
  • Shovel
  • First aid kit
  • Bag of sand or cat litter for traction
  • Cell phone charger
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food, snacks
  • Reflective triangles
  • A blanket and warm clothes (boots, coat, gloves)

There is a checklist from KCRC for those interested.