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Gazelle Sports offering free virtual shoe fittings

Gazelle Sports offering free virtual shoe fittings
Posted at 6:49 AM, May 02, 2020

Athletic shoes are one of the top categories of clothing apparel that you really need to try on to know what works.

However, under Michigan's Stay-at-Home order, consumers can't go to sports or shoe stores to try on athletic shoes right now.

Good news? Gazelle Sports is offering a solution with free, virtual shoe fittings.

The process is relatively simple.

Go to their website and click on the "virtual shoe fittings" tab.

Next, sign up for a time slot, and when your ZOOM appointment comes, you'll meet with a store associate virtually who will have you walk a few paces back and forth, then stand still in front of the camera.

This way the associate can see how your feet and legs operate when they're in motion.

Based off that data, your injury history, and information about how you usually exercise, the associate can make some educated suggestions as to what shoe will work for you.

Joshua Vork is the assistant manager at Gazelle Sports, he explains; "Primary thing we're looking for is what kind of motion is going on in the ankle joint, and the arch. Are they rolling in, are they rolling out, or do they stay pretty neutral? You know most people either roll in a little bit, or stay fairly neutral, but those are the kinds of subtle differences really that can make a difference in the type of footwear that's going to work best for people."

Click here for a virtual shoe fitting from Gazelle Sports.