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Emergency ventilator masks made from snorkels ready for Covid-19 fight

snorkels could save lives in fight against virus
Posted at 8:21 AM, May 08, 2020

Innovative emergency ventilator kits made from snorkel masks are on standby for Spectrum Health in the event of an inventory shortage.

The kits are engineered and marketed by Rapids Venture and Ghost House Technology. The breathing apparatus is a snorkel mask connected to a medically certified HEPA filter. The simple device then connects to various C-PAP machines already found within hospitals.

“All I did was inverted the diaphragms on a scuba mask and used tubing to secure the mask in a tight manner, it simply attaches to a machine and offers the same services as far as assisted breathing,” said David Stout, CEO of Ghost House Technology.

The design was created, tested and approved in just ten days via Spectrum Health, BISSELL, and a handful of other innovators to verify the devices functionality. Rapids Venture is a partner of the mask, telling Fox 17 the idea ignited during concerns of ventilator shortages back in March. The emergency breathing kits bridge the gap of helping COVID patients breathe while protecting front line workers from the virus.

“The other thing that we wanted to solve was to create something that could be mass produced very quickly with a local supply chain, and not have to draw on parts from all over the globe, which I think is one of the things that was slowing down traditional ventilators,” said James Meeks, spokesperson for Rapids Venture.

Both entrepreneurs say the breathing alternative is on standby, saying you could see the devices at a Spectrum Health location near you.