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Escaped bobcat captured & returned to nature center

Apollo the Bobcat
Posted at 7:48 PM, Dec 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-19 12:40:38-05

Shortly after noon Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Blandford Nature Center told FOX 17 that Apollo the bobcat had been found and "safely returned" to the center earlier Sunday.

Blandford issued a statement saying that Apollo "was caught in live trap by a neighbor on the north east side of Blandford's property today. He shows no visible injuries or ailments and is awaiting his Veterinary check-up to confirm he is healthy and able to return to his newly reinforced enclosure with his sister."


Blandford Nature Center is issuing a public notice that its male bobcat has escaped from one of their enclosures Friday afternoon.

The Grand Rapids nature preserve says he was last seen on the property at around 5 p.m.

We’re told the bobcat, named Apollo, is not believed to be a threat to the general public or most other animals. The nature center tells us bobcats are chiefly predators to squirrels, rabbits and smaller animals.

Apollo is described as being the size of a large domestic cat weighing at 17 pounds.

The proper authorities have been notified, according to Blandford Nature Center.

Anyone who sees Apollo is asked to call the Grand Rapids Police Department’s non-emergency number at 616-456-3400.

Please refrain from trying to catch Apollo yourself.

The nature preserve says its female bobcat has been relocated to a safe place until the enclosure is repaired.

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