Jeannie Cleaning donates free house cleanings for cancer patients during 'Cleaning for Cancer' week

Clean for Cancer week
Posted at 3:34 PM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-14 20:15:11-05

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A west Michigan cleaning company is working to ease the burden for cancer patients by offering a free cleaning service while they go through treatment.

Over the last 14 years, around $14 million of cleaning services have been donated to help cancer patients around the U.S., and locally, Jeannie Cleaning is working to help those patients in the Kalamazoo and greater Kalamazoo area.

"It was kind of a gift that we didn’t even know we needed," said a cancer patient Sandra Molvern.

In the midst of treatments and normal daily activities cancer patients have, Jeannie Cleaning is coming to the rescue providing free home cleanings.

"It just gives us more time for ourselves, and we don’t have to worry about picking up our daughter and then having to clean. It just takes that kind of burden off of us," said Sandra Molvern.

Sandra Molvern said she was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer back in June. Her wife Alice said among her huge list of medications and appointments, it's nice to not have to worry about cleaning.

"It’s really been a huge help to me as well to make me feel like I can take care of her more. I can spend more of my energy taking care of her and taking care of our daughter and not just cleaning just to maintain, you know, so that’s been really helpful," said Sandra's wife Alice Molvern.

Jeannie's and other businesses across the country are donating their time in honor of "Cleaning for Cancer" week.

"It’s hard to help people when someone you love has been diagnosed. People don’t know what to do. Cleaning is one thing that takes away some of the stress and some of the anxiety that the family is going through," said the President and Founder of Jeannie Cleaning, Jeannie Henderson.

This is something Jeannie's does year-round in partnership with the organization "Cleaning for a Reason".

Henderson said she serves at least two patients a month, starting with two free cleans and a discount on services after that.

"We are very committed to making their lives better as they’re going through this battle, and we just really love supporting them," said Henderson.

Jeannie Cleaning encourages other cleaning businesses to partner with "Cleaning for a Reason" to help provide services in their area.

If you are a cancer patient or know of someone who is and would like cleaning services, contact Jeannie Cleaning directly at (269) 762-2111 if you're in the Kalamazoo area or the greater Kalamazoo area.

Click here to go to the "Cleaning for a Reason" website to find a cleaning business near you.