Halloween still looks like a treat this year

Breezy, but temperatures look a bit warmer
Posted at 11:06 PM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 23:06:40-04

WEST MICHIGAN — We continue to monitor weather conditions as we approach Halloween, and it still looks like the kids will get to enjoy pretty decent weather for trick-or-treat time this year. And it's about time, too! As stated in a previous article by Chief Meteorologist Kevin Craig, the weather has been less than ideal in recent years.

Here is a look at Future Track forecast high temperatures for the afternoon on Halloween, as well as sky conditions:


With highs generally in the lower 50s and mostly sunny skies expected, trick-or-treating looks a lot nicer than last year when we had to deal with highs in the lower 40s along with a mix of rain and snow. Here is our forecast for the big day this year:


As the evening planner shows, temperatures will be fairly steady after dark thanks to a fairly strong south/southwest breeze:


Believe it or not, the high temperature forecast of 52° is actually slightly below average for the date. It's not below average by much, but it would fall in the "seasonably cool" at about 3 degrees below average. As the below graphic shows, we can get much warmer than this on Halloween. For example, it was 79° in Grand Rapids back in 1950, and 74° in Muskegon back in 1935.


Enjoy the first half of the weekend and the time outdoors trick-or-treating with your kids, because Sunday looks windy and much colder, with rain and snow showers likely. Be sure to stay tuned to FOX 17 for updates, and to check in for more weather information at