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Finding Angel her Forever Home

Posted at 9:33 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 03:19:54-05

GRAND RAPIDS — A friendly and caring teenager is looking for a family to cherish her and include her in all parts of their life.

15-year-old Angel has a great laugh and an even better outlook on life. She also faces her fears head-on.

“I was scared of police officers, so I wanted to get used to them,” Angel said.

It’s the reason why she wanted to meet with Officer Jenny Rood at the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Officer Rood took Angel on a brief tour of the department, showed her their police cruisers, and let Angel try being officer herself.

Angel got to see the special gear Officer Rood wears on calls and learned how to rope-off a crime scene.

Angel is inquisitive and asks a lot of good questions. She’s also very active and likes to spend time with the ones she cares about most.

She said, “I like to go roller skating and ice skating. I like to go to eat with my friends and my family.”

When it comes to an adoptive family, all Angel really just wants is to feel safe.

“I just want someone who loves me and that would take care of me right,” she said.

Angel enjoys helping out with chores around her placement, especially in the kitchen.

She said, “I’m a clean-freak. I make nachos and hot dogs and stuff.”

She also said she likes to show her personality through her hair.

“When I turn 18, I'm turning my hair black and blue, I don’t care what anyone says.”

Angel also likes reading, math, singing, and dancing.

If you’re interested in learning more about her or the adoption process, you can contact Orchard's Children's Services.