Exclusive one-on-one interview with Vice President Pence about battleground Michigan

Posted at 7:50 PM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 19:50:20-04

Vice President Mike Pence is talking one-on-one with 7 Action News' Jim Kiertzner and responding to President Trump talking about Michigan and Governor Whitmer in the final debate last night.

Pence told a small crown at the Toledo airport that the President “took the fight straight to Joe Biden."

But what the President said to Biden was this, “take a look at what’s happening with your friend in Michigan where her husband is the only one allowed to do anything. It’s been like a prison.”

Kiertzner asked Vice President Pence, “are you okay with the person who holds the highest office in the land to make a false statement like that? Why do that?”

The Vice President responded, “last night during the Presidential Debate, President Trump really drew a clear contract between Joe Biden and many Democrat Governors who have been shut down and are talking about shutting down more. And a President who now over the last five months has been working to make sure that we’re opening up America again.”

The Vice President says they are looking at several states as battlegrounds during the next 11 days including, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and South Carolina.

His and the President’s campaign trail has been flying into cities, holding events at the airport, doing some local TV, and flying to the next stop when doing two a day. The Vice President says his schedule is set the day before but it can change as needed hitting the battleground states.

Another issue that is emerging is poll challengers being trained by both campaigns to watch voting on election day as well as the tallying of a record number of absentee ballots. They are watching signatures on ballots and postmarks.

Litigation could be started after the election delaying the final vote.

The Vice President tells Kiertzner, “Well Jim, the principal of one person one vote is at the heart of our democracy. President Trump and I are absolutely committed to making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. It’s proper for both parties to be vigilant in that regard.”