WATCH: Dance parties and champagne: Celebrations happening across US after Biden projected winner

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Posted at 1:56 PM, Nov 07, 2020

(AP) — Just after The Associated Press and FOX News projected that former Vice President Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump, fireworks erupted in Atlanta.

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In Maine, a band playing at a farmers’ market broke into the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Traffic came to a standstill in some parts of Brooklyn, as drivers stopped to get out to celebrate in the street.

Neighbors ran out of their homes in Manhattan and assembled into an unplanned street party, high-fiving strangers.

In Louisville, Kentucky, people gathered on their lawns to toast with champagne.

A woman driving by laid on her car horn, pumping her fist out the window.

In Harlem, they danced in the streets, banged cowbells and honked their car horns.