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"Shopping Angels" delivers groceries to at-risk people during pandemic

Posted at 6:02 AM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 06:51:23-04

MICHIGAN — People are stepping up to help each other during this pandemic. Now a worldwide movement, organized by students, is helping out in a big way.

It's called "Shopping Angels" in which volunteers shop for people who are most at-risk of contacting COVID-19.

The free service started back in March. A pre-med student in Nevada came up with the idea and the movement quickly spread across the globe.

Amanda Zhang is a 16 year-old high school junior in Michigan who's passionate about helping her community.

She jumped at the chance to head the Michigan chapter of Shopping Angles. Zhang wants to get as many volunteers involved to help as many people as possible. So far they have about 30 volunteers and around 150 clients so the need is there.

"I think it's really important now, more than ever, to unite and help each other," Zhang said. "Since I've started, it's been a really beautiful experience because I've gotten to speak with and email and text various people across the state. And, it's really emotionally impacting to hear their stories, and I think that's an experience that I would think everybody should go do."

Click here to request a shopper. To be a volunteer, click here.

There is even an opportunity to pay-it-forward and sponsor someone's groceries.