Social House responds to video showing customers not adhering to social distancing

Posted at 1:26 PM, Jun 29, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Social House tavern in downtown Grand Rapids is responding to a video on social media that it says shows customers "not adhering to social distancing."

A social media video from the account socialhousetavengr shows a group of people dancing shoulder to shoulder and customers packed in closely together at the bar. On Saturday, Jenna Arcidiacono, the chef and owner at Amore Trattoria Italiana, shared the video to her Facebook page.

"I am feeling disrespected when I see local places post videos like this," Arcidiacono says in her post.

This afternoon, Social House posted the following statement to its Facebook page:

"Like many restaurants and retail stores are currently doing, Social House is working diligently to ensure it is making the necessary adjustments to its operations so that staff and patrons can enjoy a safe experience. These are certainly unique and challenging times and regardless of how many safety precautions we put into place, there is always a chance it will not be enough. The video circulating on social media showing patrons not adhering to social distancing and safety suggestions in our restaurant is one example of where we could have done better. We apologize for our shortcomings displayed in the video and have implemented internal changes to ensure that does not happen again.

"For the past several months we have been working closely with agencies such as the Kent County Health Department to make sure we understand and adhere to the suggestions and recommendations of all state and federal guidelines. Since re-opening we have adjusted our operating hours such as being closed Mondays and Tuesdays to deep-clean and sanitize the establishment; we have re-configured our floor plan to ensure social distancing between tables; we have also been checking temperatures of all staff and ensuring that any employee exhibiting symptoms are staying at home and being tested. Going forward we will begin to temperature checking all patrons upon entering our property.

"We are taking seriously the safety of our patrons and staff and realize we cannot become lax in any of our actions. We are grateful to be open again, and appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers again. We hope the temporary lack of judgement (sic) by a few patrons, and our failure to properly handle that situation can be forgiven."