Russia shuns tough restrictions even as infections soar

Virus Outbreak Russia
Posted at 3:04 AM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 03:04:04-04

MOSCOW — Popular bars and restaurants in Moscow's city center are packed on a Friday night.

No one except for the staff is wearing masks or bothers to keep their distance.

There is little indication at all that Russia is being swept by a resurgence of coronavirus infections.

The outbreak this month is breaking the records set in the spring, when a lockdown to slow the spread was put in place.

But authorities in Russia are hesitant to shut down businesses again.

Some regions have closed nightclubs or limited bars and restaurants, but few measures have been implemented in Moscow, the epicenter of the surge.

Three times in the last week, Russia surpassed its daily death toll record of 232, set in the spring.