Oaklawn Hospital makes staffing changes amid coronavirus pandemic

Posted at 7:39 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 19:49:06-04

MARSHALL, Mich. — Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall announced Friday that, effective on Monday, April, 13, they would be temporarily be laying off just under 200 of their total workforce of 1,150.

In addition to the temporary layoffs, Oaklawn also announced that:

  • Insurance benefits will be maintained until May 30, at which point the hospital may re-evalate
  • NO PTO accrual from April 5 to May 30
  • No holiday pay for Memorial Day if an employee is not working
  • Senior leadership team/enterprise steering committee will be taking a 20 percent pay cut
  • Physicians' wages will be reduced by 15 percent
  • Salaried employees (not ESC or SLT) will have wages reduced by 10 percent
  • Hourly employees will have wages reduced by 5 percent
  • Employees may use PTO to fill in missing hours of pay each week.

"Taking these steps now will ensure we can continue to deliver the best, safest quality care while remaining financially viable during these turbulent times and can recover as quickly as possible beyond," said Oaklawn Hospital president and CEO Gregg Beeg. "Our clear intent is to recall all laid-off employees and restore salaries as soon as possible. We can and will get through this together and come out stronger than ever

Oaklawn will reassess the circumstances regularly and may lessen or extend this timeframe as the pandemic continues to evolve. Intent is to recall all laid-off employees and restore salaries as soon as possible.