Now may be the time to quit smoking amid COVID-19

Posted at 11:15 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-04 23:35:42-04

MICHIGAN — If you're considering quitting smoking or vaping, now may be the perfect time to do so.

Experts like Libby Stern of Spectrum Health say that it could be easier to quit bad habits now, considering the quarantine has thrown everyone off their normal routine.

"It can make it a easier to kind of redesign your routine around distracting yourself and engaging in healthy activities that will replace that and help you get through those difficult behavior changes that can be part of it," Stern said.

Spectrum Health does have a free, 4-week program called 'Quit 101' with virtual classes once a week beginning on Tuesday, May 5.

Activities and assignments can be done with the program as well, but you have to register in advance.

In order to do so, simply send an email to