Michiganders urged to avoid panic shopping as COVID-19 cases surge

Posted at 5:42 AM, Nov 24, 2020

The Michigan Retailers Association is urging people to avoid panic shopping as COVID-19 cases surge once again. It feels like a few months ago, finding a roll of toilet paper was like finding gold.

With the holidays right around the corner, industry experts are fearing things can get worse, but the MRA said things don't have to get worse.

The association said that they're seeing signs that people are panic buying, leaving shelves at stores across the state empty of essential items.

"They've been stacking up like crazy, knowing that the holidays are coming, knowing that COVID would spike," Meegan Holland with the MRA said. "But, the shopper is part of that supply chain, and if they start overbuying, it puts a huge kink in the chain"

Chains like Walmart and Target are feeling the pain of panic-buying. Target even said it it is prioritizing items like baby products and essential medicine. Walmart said toilet paper and cleaning supplies are the most in-demand items.

Experts say stores have learned from the spring and are better prepared for this round of stockpiling, but don't be surprised to once again see limits on certain items.

Target said it will make the decision to limit items as they see fit.

Meijer is also doing their best to keep the shelves full, especially as we approach the holidays. Keep in mind that supply chain are heavily affected by what shoppers do, so they are reminding people to only buy what you need at the time.